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Precautions Once Victimization Kn95 Mask


As a vital protecting instrumentation, mask will block the external pollution supply, therefore the way to use it properly is extremely vital. Today, spieth can offer you a short introduction!

1. Wash hands before sporting
Before victimization N95 / kn95 respirator, it's necessary to clean hands 1st. Use soap to clean hands. Use flowing water to clean hands to make sure hand hygiene before sporting the respirator.

2. Don't bit the within of the mask once sporting
When sporting the mask, ensure that the hand doesn't bit the within of the mask, as a result of the within of the mask is connected with the mouth and nose. Once contacted, it's possible to steer to pollution, therefore it cannot play a protecting role.

3. Watch out to not bit the within once kicking off briefly
When removing the mask briefly, it's conjointly necessary to pay special attention to not bit the within of the mask. as an example, once water, eating, etc., it's necessary to form positive to not bit, therefore on still wear and use.

4. Just in case of injury, deformation and pollution, it shall get replaced in time
When the mask is broken, ill-shapen or impure, it must get replaced in time, as a result of at this point, the mask has lost its own protection perform, and it's of restricted significance to still wear it. At this point, it's higher to exchange it directly.

5. The traditional replacement time is four hours
The normal replacement time of N95 / kn95 respirator is four hours. this point ought to be proverbial. Generally, after we travel, we are able to replace it once sporting it for four hours, no over half-dozen hours at the most recent.

6. Once aiming to the hospital or clinic, the mask must get replaced in time

After aiming to the hospital or clinic, the mask must get replaced in time, as a result of several hospitals or clinics contain pollution sources, once the mask is contaminated and continues to wear, it's possible to cause infection.

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