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Introduction to Forehead Measuring System


The forehead temperature gun (infrared thermometer) is intended for activity the forehead temperature of body. it's terribly straightforward and convenient to use. One second will accurately live temperature, no optical maser purpose, avoid potential harm to eyes, don't have to be compelled to contact human skin, avoid infection, one key temperature measuring, check respiratory disease. it's appropriate for family users, hotels, libraries, large-scale enterprises and establishments. It also can be utilized in hospitals, schools, customs, airports and alternative comprehensive places. It also can be provided for medical employees to use in clinics.

Application of frontal temperature gun:

1. vital sign measuring: correct measurement of vital sign, rather than the standard thermometer.

Observe whether or not your vital sign is abnormal at any time, avoid respiratory disease infection, forestall respiratory disease, etc.

2. Skin temperature livement: measure the skin surface temperature of body, for instance, it are often wont to live the skin surface temperature once the limb is replanted.

3. Object temperature livement: measure the surface temperature of the thing, for instance, it are often wont to live the surface temperature of the tea cup.

4. Liquid temperature livement: measure the temperature of the liquid, like the temperature of the baby's H2O. live the water temperature once the baby takes a shower, and do not worry concerning being cold or hot to any extent further. live the water temperature of the milk bottle to facilitate the preparation of baby's milk powder;

5. temperature are often measured

Forehead Temperature Gun

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