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How to choose between disposable diapers, washable diapers and pull-ups?


Whether you are a new mother or a mother who already has some experience in raising babies, the choice of disposable diapers, washable diapers, and pull-up pants is confusing. What is the difference between the three? How to choose?

Disposable Diapers

1. Easy to use

Diapers are disposable products. There is no need to clean them twice like washable diapers after use. They can be thrown away after use (but please do not throw diapers after use!). They are also very convenient to wear. There are Velcro straps on both sides of the waist and back. The elastic waist design is very convenient, especially when going out and using it at night.

2. Does not affect rest at night

The strong breathability and water absorption of disposable diapers also play a powerful role when the baby is resting at night. If diapers with a large water absorption capacity are used, parents do not need to get up to change the baby's diapers at night.

3. Wide scope of application

The diapers on the market now can be suitable for babies at any stage. The diapers are designed with Velcro on both sides of the waistline, which can not only be adjusted according to the baby's waistline, but also will not strangle the baby's belly. It can be said to be very considerate. . The elastic waistband is designed on the back of the diaper to improve the baby's comfort in wearing the diaper, so it can be worn by both newborns and older babies. The disadvantage is that choosing a suitable diaper has always been a headache for mothers. Baby allergies are also very worrying. It takes some time to choose a diaper that suits your baby. In many cases, you need to buy small packages multiple times. Only by conducting product trials can you choose the diapers that are best for your baby.

Washable Diapers

1. Environmental protection

Washable diapers can be used twice, three times, or even multiple times after use, but you need to pay attention to cleaning them after using them on your baby to avoid infection of your baby's bottom.

2. Economical and affordable

Compared with the price of disposable diapers and pull-ups, the price of washable diapers is not only affordable, but if you buy thirty to forty pieces at the same time, your baby can use them for a long time. Therefore, among the three, washable diapers are definitely the most economical.

3. Anti-allergy

Hypoallergenicity is also the reason why many mothers choose washable diapers. The comfortable and soft fabric is not irritating to the newborn's skin, so if your baby's skin is prone to allergies, then washable diapers are definitely the best choice. The disadvantage is that washable diapers need to be washed twice after use. Generally, the number of bowel movements of babies will reach 4-6 times a day. As the age of the baby increases, the number of bowel movements will gradually decrease and stabilize, so parents will stay in them for a long time. The nightmare of "endless diapers" consumes a lot of energy from parents. If the baby uses unclean diapers, it is also easy to cause discomfort in the bottom.

Pull-up Pants

1. More convenient to wear

The most obvious difference between pull-up pants and the previous two is its appearance and shape. The appearance of pull-up pants is more like a small underwear. It is also very convenient to wear. The baby can stand or lie down, just put it on and lift it up. Many babies are very dishonest when changing diapers. After changing a diaper, the mother will be sweating profusely. This will not happen when using pull-up pants.

2. High comfort for baby

The pull-up pants are designed with a 360° elastic waist, which is not only convenient to wear, but also maximizes the comfort for babies to wear without feeling and move freely. The disadvantage is that pull-up pants are suitable for babies over 4 months old or heavier babies, and the price will be higher.

After a comprehensive comparison of the scope of application, comfort, and convenience of diapers, diapers, and pull-up pants, the conclusion is that diapers > pull-up pants > diapers. Of course, the specific situation of each baby is different, and parents can also make choices based on the actual situation of the baby.
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