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What Kind of Rubbish is Wet Tissue

As we all know, wet tissue as a convenient thing to carry out, more and more popular in the market, when people go out, standing wet tissue, not only convenient but also very useful. Compared with paper towel, wet paper towel is more suitable for people to go out, and is a good carry on item. So, what kind of garbage does wet tissue belong to? Let's have a look.

Although wet tissue carries a word "wet" and is wet garbage, wet tissue is not wet garbage, but dry garbage. The distinction between wet and dry garbage is not defined by water content and literal meaning, but by the nature of garbage.

Wet garbage, also known as kitchen waste, generally refers to food waste such as leftovers and peels, which can be converted into organic fertilizer after treatment; However, dry waste refers to the waste which is difficult to recycle, and can only be disposed by landfill, incineration and other means.

Wet tissue is not food waste, nor can it be converted into fertilizer, so it is not wet waste. In fact, wet tissue is also harmless to human body, so it does not belong to hazardous waste.

Used wet tissue is difficult to be recycled because it is polluted; The unused wet tissue is easy to be polluted, so it lost its recyclable value, so the wet tissue is not recyclable garbage.

Therefore, wet tissue belongs to dry waste, which is not recyclable and harmless, and can only be landfilled and burned. And this kind of garbage also napkin, diapers, whether used or not, all belong to dry garbage.

After using the wet tissue, we should classify the garbage correctly and protect our environment together. If everyone pays attention to it, our environment will be better and better.

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