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How to Choose The Right Diapers For The Elderly


Adult diapers are currently the most demanded products for the elderly in the market, so the manufacturers and brands of adult diapers are also increasing. Faced with all kinds of diapers, it is indeed very difficult for the elderly to choose. They do not know which one is better. Therefore, it takes time to understand the product and ask the elderly who have used it to avoid buying adult diapers of inferior quality.

The elderly should pay attention to the following four points when choosing adult diapers:

1. Is the absorption capacity super strong?

The flow rate of urine is extremely fast, and diapers are required to have super absorption capacity to prevent urine leakage.

2. Is the surface soft?

The skin of the elderly with urinary incontinence is very fragile, and the surface material of the diapers must be soft and not hit the skin of the elderly.

3. Whether to prevent back seepage

Complications Bed sore is one of the most common clinical complications. The course of the disease is rapid and difficult to cure. It is easy to relapse after cure. It has become the number one "killer" of bedridden patients. Many elderly people with urinary incontinence may suffer from bedsores if they are not properly cared for.

4. Whether it is close-fitting and leak-proof

The diapers must be worn comfortably and close to the body, no matter whether the elderly walks or turns over, there should be no side leakage or back leakage.

The main features of Jinpei adult diapers are reliable, enhanced, skin-friendly, and value-for-money adult diapers. It has an intelligent urine display that disappears when wet, and it can be replaced when the wetness display reaches 2/3 fades, giving you ease Nursing experience, coupled with an intimate centering correction and pasting function design, prevents urine leakage caused by inaccurate positioning of the left and right pastes, and can adjust the waist tightness at will and paste repeatedly, which is the best choice for the elderly.

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