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How to Properly Wear Diapers for Babies


Every time you change diapers, first spread the diapers and place them under your babys arms, with your back slightly higher than the abdomen. Pull the diapers between the babys legs up to below the belly button, and align the glue on both sides to the waist. Tear them apart and stick them firmly to prevent urine from leaking out of the back. There is an unshed umbilical cord on the belly of a newborn baby.

 In order to avoid unnecessary damage to the baby, you can fold the diaper inward or outward when using it, or use a diaper with a concave belly button design to avoid the root of the umbilical cord. Rubbing with diapers can cause the skin to wear out, inflame, and bleed. The edge of the diaper should look like the fold below, not covering the belly button, so as to prevent the urine from wetting the belly button and causing the belly button to become infected and harmful to health. At the same time, adjust the elasticity according to the baby's weight, so as not to make the baby uncomfortable if it is too tight, and urine leakage may occur if it is too loose, which can generally accommodate it.

The details are to pay attention to hygiene, pay attention to the care of the child's buttocks, and pay attention to the tightness of the diapers. It can be done with one finger during the day. Some mothers worry about putting a layer of cotton cloth on their children when they go out or go to bed at night, but cotton cloth sometimes makes the baby uncomfortable. There is a Balekoko baby diaper that can absorb 400ml-700ml, so that the mother can rest well and the baby will not affect sleep due to moisture.

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