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What should be paid attention to when choosing sanitary napkins?


What should be paid attention to when choosing sanitary napkins? 

1. Whether the outer packaging is complete.

As it is inevitable that there will be some bumps during transportation, it may cause damage to the outer packaging of the sanitary napkin. If you find that the outer packaging is damaged at the time of purchase, don't start it. For our health, even if it just breaks a small hole, it is best not to use it. Because when the packaging bag is broken, external bacteria and viruses may contaminate the sanitary napkins. At this time, using unclean sanitary napkins may cause some gynecological diseases.

2. Whether the sanitary napkin is pinched with foreign matter. 

Although most of the sanitary napkins are now produced by mechanized operation, theoretically, it is unlikely that foreign substances will enter the sanitary napkin, but in the process of producing sanitary napkins In the middle, there is no guarantee that there will be no accidents, so it is best to pinch it with your hands before using the sanitary napkin to see if there is any foreign body inside. If it doesn't feel like it is pinched, we can open it to see if there is nothing else on the surface of the sanitary napkin, and then use it again.

What aspects should be paid attention to when using sanitary pads: 

1. Shelf life.

The shelf life of sanitary napkins can generally be seen on the packaging. Usually, its shelf life is 3 years. This shelf life refers to the service life of unopened sanitary napkins. If the sanitary napkin is opened, it is recommended that everyone use it in the same month, because once the sanitary napkin is opened, it will start to breed bacteria. Using sanitary napkins that have been opened for a long time will cause great damage to the body. Hidden dangers.

2. Storage method. 

Sanitary napkins, whether unopened or unpacked, should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. Don't put them in a humid environment like a toilet for convenience. When the sanitary napkin is stored in a humid environment for a long time, it is easy to become a cradle for bacteria to survive. To extend the service life of the sanitary napkin, you must put it in a dry and ventilated environment, which can greatly reduce the pollution of the sanitary napkin. chance.

3. Frequency of use.

Sanitary napkins must be changed frequently, preferably every 2-3 hours. Don’t be lazy. If you don’t replace new sanitary napkins for a long time, our private parts will be easily infected by bacteria leading to various gynecological diseases. 

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