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The differences between baby diapers and pull-ups


When it comes to baby diapers, I believe all mothers are familiar with them, but some mothers are not very familiar with pull-up pants. Today we will learn how mothers should choose baby diapers and pull-ups for their babies.

The differences between diapers and pull-ups

1. Different models

The models of baby diapers and pull-ups are chosen based on the baby's weight.

Baby diaper model size NB, suitable for under 5 kg;

Baby diaper model size S, suitable for 3-8 kg;

Baby diaper model size M, suitable for 6-11 kg;

Baby diaper model size L, suitable for 9-14 kg;

Baby diaper model size XL, suitable for 12kg and above.

Depending on the brand, the weight classification is slightly different, and the design is also slightly different according to boys and girls. Pull-up pants are mainly divided into size L, size XL and size XXL models. Babies can wear pull-up pants if their weight is 10-14KG, and they are available for men and women.

2. Different waist designs

Baby Diapers use Velcro buckles to adjust the elasticity in the waist design, while pull-up pants have a preset elastic waist, so you don't have to worry about your baby accidentally pulling off the buckles and causing dirt to leak out.

3. Different functions

Pull-ups are training pants, which can be put on and taken off freely like underwear. Baby diapers have the function of baby diapers. Once put on, taking them off is more cumbersome.

4. Different prices

The price of pull-up pants is higher than that of baby diapers. If the baby is at the age of two months, it is recommended that mothers use pull-up pants for their babies during the day and baby diapers at night.

How to choose pull-ups and baby diapers?

Baby diapers and pull-ups are actually baby underwear. Their soft and convenient design frees parents from the repeated cleaning work of a large number of baby diapers.

It is recommended that babies under the age of three months choose high-quality and low-priced baby diapers, which are cut to fit the baby's body shape and have adhesive buckles, making them more comfortable and convenient to wear. Pull-up pants are mainly designed to adapt to the baby's crawling, standing, walking and running behaviors after the baby's mobility gradually increases. Therefore, after the baby can sit, especially crawl (usually around 7 or 8 months old), you can consider using pull-up pants, or you can use pull-up pants when using M size or L size baby diapers.

Desiccant instructions

There are food desiccants in many snacks. Children are very curious. Some babies will play with them in their hands, and some will directly open the package and eat them in their stomachs.

We all know that food desiccant is usually quicklime desiccant. If it is put into water, it will easily explode and injure the human body. There are a lot of reports about this kind of thing in the news.

So if you have children at home, be sure to pay attention. You should tell your baby in advance that this item cannot be eaten or played with, and avoid letting your baby come into contact with such items.

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