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Distinguish Between Top and Bottom Grade Baby Diapers


Everything is good or bad, and diapers are an indispensable thing for babies. Nowadays, with the development of social economy, diapers are also constantly improving, and all kinds of diapers appear in people's lives.

So how to distinguish whether a diaper is a first-class product or a qualified product?

First-class product means that the quality standard of the product has reached the general international standard level. There must be strict requirements and regulations of the product on the performance, life, safety, reliability, economy, appearance, packaging, etc. The standard of diapers is qualified! The medical-care balekoko diapers are first-class products! The quality has reached the international standard, mothers can rest assured to use them for babies! Qualified products refer to products that meet the basic requirements of consumers, according to our international general standards. The product standard organizes production to meet the requirements of the corresponding standard!

1.Top layer: It is a layer of absorbent non-woven fabric with good surface layer material. The surface is white and soft. The fakes will not use this level of raw materials, so the softness will be different from the genuine ones.

2.Thickness: The water absorption of diapers is mainly based on SAP. This material is very expensive. If you are not willing to use enough SAP, you will lose 2g and increase the cotton core to make up for it. So diapers with less SAP will Thicker, thicker if it is fake.

3.The composite of the breathable bottom film: To ensure good breathability, the breathable bottom film and the bottom water-repellent non-woven fabric should be dotted and line composite. The fake is usually surface composite, that is, the entire surface is glued when it is composite. The base film will be harder. Compare the previous genuine product and the newly bought one. The hardness of the genuine product and the fake product are obviously different.

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