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The Characteristics of Nitrile Gloves


Features of nitrile gloves:

1. snug to wear, long-run wear won't cause skin tension, causative to blood circulation.

2. it's freed from amino compounds and different harmful substances and infrequently produces allergic reaction.

3. the degradation time is brief, it's straightforward to handle, and it's helpful to environmental protection.

4. smart durability, puncture resistance, harsh to wreck.

5. smart air tightness, the foremost effective to stop mud emission.

6. wonderful chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance; proof against organic compound corrosion, harsh to crack.

7. it's no semiconductor element and bound antistatic property, that is appropriate for the assembly of electronic trade.

8. the surface chemical residue is low, the particle content is low and also the particle content is tiny, that is appropriate for the strict dust-free area atmosphere.

Maintenance of nitrile gloves:

1. the most benefits of nitrile gloves square measure high strength and physical property. it's in the main provided for the operating position of hand that is in constant contact with liquid chemicals, like chemical warehouse, alcohol improvement, etc. as a result of the most perform of NBR is to stop organic solvent, however it's not proof against puncture, therefore it must be additional careful once exploitation, don't pull and wear powerfully, therefore it's needed to wear a veil glove on the surface once sporting NBR gloves for operation, therefore on scale back the damage degree of NBR insulating hand sleeve and extend the service life.

2. once sporting nitrile gloves for a few improvement operations, as a result of some product can have some sharp edges, and these sharp edges square measure the foremost straightforward to penetrate cyanide gloves, and once penetrated even alittle hole, it's enough to let the detergent immerse into the glove, so the full hand sleeve is useless. Therefore, additionally to requiring careful operation throughout use, it's conjointly necessary to wear finger cots on gloves.

Nitrile Gloves

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