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Introduction to Medical Protective Clothing


一.What is medical protective clothing

Medical protective clothing is the work clothes of medical staff, which can isolate bacteria, harmful ultrafine dust, acid solution and salt solution, and keep the environment clean. PP (polypropylene, accounting for 62% of the total) non-woven material is used, and the protective clothing is covered with a special air permeable membrane, which has strong air permeability and anti-static; the better anti permeability, while resisting a variety of organic solvents and acid-base corrosion, has a higher impact resistance. Strong mechanical properties, soft and comfortable texture. Non combustion supporting, non-toxic and non irritant, harmless to skin.


1. All in one, front opening.

2. Strong and durable, resistant to tear and wear, comfortable, soft, light, breathable, lint free, anti pollution, anti-static.

3. It can penetrate air and water vapor, but it can exclude water-based liquid and aerosols.

4. Made of 100% HDPE, free of fillers, adhesives, and silicon.

5. The surface is smooth to repel the inorganic liquid, prevent the chemical substances from splashing down, and make the solid dust not easy to adhere.

6. Special coating treatment, 100% dust-proof performance can effectively prevent harmful ultrafine dust, high concentration of inorganic acid, alkali and salt solution.


It is applicable to the protection of operators in areas with high electromagnetic radiation, such as broadcasting and launching system, satellite ground station, aerospace system, electronic and electrical system, electronic medical equipment system, micro electronic operation, national defense and military industry system, office building, school electric classroom, family and people who often take subway. It can also be widely used in medicine, chemical industry, environmental protection, transportation, food, health and epidemic prevention and other fields.

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