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The Right Way to Remove The Mask


Mask is a thing everyone needs at this stage. It has made an important contribution to epidemic prevention. A small mask may protect your life. It is believed that most people will wear masks, so how to remove masks correctly to avoid harmful bacteria? Today, spieth will give you a brief introduction:

Special attention should be paid when removing the mask. Do not touch the outside of the mask with your hands to avoid bacteria. To remove the mask:

1. Take off: hold the ear rope with both hands and take off the mask;

2. Fold: hold the ear rope in one hand, hold the middle part of the inner layer of the mask in one hand, fold the mask in half, and fold it twice again;

3. Fasten: fasten the ear rope on the folded mask;

4. Bubble: put the mask into the plastic bag containing disinfectant to soak and fasten the plastic bag;

5. Throw: make sure the plastic bag is well sealed and put into the garbage basket.

The mask is a good personal protective equipment, which can block the external dust and other pollutants from entering the human body directly. Wearing the mask correctly has a great filtering effect and can play a certain effective protection function.As long as we follow the above five steps, we can effectively kill the bacteria, which can be regarded as a good protection. We should pay attention to every detail. Only by doing every step, we can better achieve the protection effect.

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