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The Distinction of Isolation Clothing Protective Clothing and Surgical Clothing


Disposable isolation clothes
It is used for medical personnel to avoid being polluted by blood, body fluid and other infectious substances, or for protecting patients from infection. Isolation clothing is a kind of two-way isolation, which can not only prevent medical staff from being infected or polluted, but also prevent patients from being infected.

Disposable protective clothing
Disposable protective equipment worn by clinical medical personnel when contacting with patients with infectious diseases under Class A or class A infectious disease management. Protective clothing is to prevent medical staff from being infected, which is a single isolation.

Disposable surgical clothes
The surgical clothes play a two-way protective role in the process of operation. First of all, the surgical gown establishes a barrier between patients and medical staff, which reduces the probability of medical staff contacting potential infection sources such as patients' blood or other body fluids during the operation; second, the surgical gown can block the spread of various bacteria planted / adhered to the skin or clothing surface of medical staff to the surgical patients, effectively avoiding multiple drug-resistant bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Golden Grape ball Cross infection of MRSA and VRE. Therefore, the barrier function of the surgical gown is considered as the key to reduce the risk of infection during the operation.

Indication of dressing:

Disposable isolation clothes
Contact with patients with contact transmitted infectious diseases, such as patients infected with multidrug-resistant bacteria, etc. When carrying out protective isolation for patients, such as diagnosis, treatment and nursing of large area burn patients and bone transplant patients. May be splashed by the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, and excretions. Whether to wear isolation clothes when entering key departments such as ICU, NICU and protective ward should be determined according to the purpose of medical personnel entering and the contact with patients.

Disposable protective clothing
Contact with patients under Class A or class A infectious disease management. When contacting suspected or confirmed SARS, Ebola, mers, h7n9 avian influenza patients, the latest infection control guidelines should be followed.

Disposable surgical clothes

After strict aseptic disinfection, it is used in special operating room for patients' invasive treatment.

Protective Clothing

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