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Brief Introduction of Wipes


A wet towel is a wet tissue used to wipe the skin. Wet wipes on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: one is that they have been disinfected, but can not disinfect other items. They contain skin care ingredients and can only be used for skin care. The other is not only disinfected itself, but also can play a role in disinfection of other items, can be used for skin abrasions, scratches and other disinfection or sterilization.

How to distinguish the good from the bad

1. Put the wet towel on the nose and smell it gently. If it is a high-quality wet towel, we will smell a soft and elegant taste, it does not have any stimulation. If it is a bag of poor quality wipes, we will feel obvious pungent smell when we smell it..

2. High quality wipes are made of high-quality raw materials. We can see that the non-woven fabric is white without any impurities. However, the raw materials of inferior wipes are very poor. We can see that there are obvious impurities on them. In the process of using high-quality wipes, there will be no obvious fuzzing phenomenon, while poor quality wipes have obvious fuzzing phenomenon in the use process.

3. If the wipes are mildewy, don't use them. If you feel skin irritation in the process of using wipes, itchy and painful, you should immediately clean with water and stop using, so as not to cause greater harm.

Wet wipes

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