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Introduction of Diaper Core


The core body is the most important part of diapers. The quality of the core directly determines the water absorption and air permeability of diapers. Many Baoma Bao dads also pay attention to their water absorption when they buy diapers. In fact, the quality of different core bodies varies greatly, and it is not only measured by water absorption.

Modern diapers can be roughly divided into four types according to the internal core body:

1、 Wood pulp core (woolen pulp)

The core of wood pulp is formed by mixing wood pulp with high molecular absorbent resin, without stratification.

Wood pulp core diapers use wood pulp fiber to comb the urine into the absorption core, and then lock the urine through the strong water locking performance of polymer material, also known as the water absorbing attractor, so as to keep the urine dry after absorbing a certain amount of urine.

Due to the existence of wooden oars, there is always no way to solve the problems of lifting and faulting. However, due to the excellent performance of the wood paddle fiber for urine carding, it is widely used in some international brand diaper products.

2、 Dual core (second generation core)

The structure of the double core body is similar to that of sheet lamination (polymer water absorbing primer layer and wood pulp layer are like the lamination of flat paper, plus non-woven fabric). The laminated structure makes the structure of double core diapers not as loose as the composite structure of polymer and wood pulp, which increases the water absorption and optimizes the structure design.

The wood pulp layer uses wood pulp fiber to comb urine into the core body, and then absorbs through the macromolecular water absorbing attractor layer. The double-layer water absorption capacity is strong and the water absorption capacity is large.

Because of the laminated structure and non-woven fabric, the double core diapers will be soft.

3、 Glue core (third generation core)

The core of glue wood pulp is composed of hot melt adhesive, non-woven fabric and high molecular water absorbent resin.

The glue core body of diapers contains a large amount of macromolecules to ensure the absorption capacity of diapers. After absorbing water, the whole body will expand. Because of the existence of adhesive, it will not be lumped, and the original shape can be maintained after suction.

After the whole baby's diaper, it's not very comfortable because of the moisture absorption. Factories with insufficient technical capacity will leave the smell of glue or diapers will harden after absorbing water, which will lead to higher production costs.

4、 Braided core

Braided core diapers are made of breathable, flexible and moisture-proof materials, supplemented with high-quality wood pulp to form a specific structure, and then filled with high-molecular water-absorbing primer, and the external surface layer is specially designed.

The braided core with non laminated structure is very thin, and the filled polymer water absorbent has remarkable effect on water absorption and moisture resistance. The special braided structure will not block the fault after water absorption and expansion, and the diversion effect is good.


Compared with the second and third generation diapers, the outstanding advantage of braided core body is higher cost.


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