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What's The Use of Wet Paper Towels


With the change of people's living habits and the improvement of the quality of life, wet paper towel has been widely existing in our life, is a necessity of people's life. Do you really know about wet tissue? How much do you know about the types and uses of wet paper towels?

1. Disinfect wet paper towel

Disinfection wet paper towel can not only be used for skin disinfection, sterilization, but also has the effect of moisturizing and cleaning. The skin of the newborn baby is delicate. Towel and paper towel are relatively rough, wet paper towel is relatively soft, easy to carry out. Not only can you wipe the small face and dirty hands at any time. And the baby after defecation, the use of wet tissue can let the small ass clean, comfortable. The market also has some special baby wet paper towel, also has the function of sterilization and disinfection. It can also be used for cleaning of daily necessities and various sanitary wares.

2. Deodorizing wet tissue

This kind of wet paper towel is rich in flavors, and contains a moderate amount of fungicides and antiperspirant factors. It is mainly used to prevent or reduce the secretion of sweat. By removing the sweat under the armpit of human body, it gives people a fresh and pleasant feeling of comfort.

3. Ordinary wet paper towel

This kind of wet paper towel is mainly used to clean, moisturize and moisturize the skin. Especially when it is inconvenient to wash hands with water when going out, wet paper towel is the best choice. Easy to carry, take and use at any time.

As for wet paper, there are three kinds of wet paper on the market. With the improvement of people's living needs, there are also makeup removal type wet paper towel, toilet type wet paper towel and so on. Wet tissue fabric is soft, skin cleaning effect is good, but before use, remember to see whether there is expired, and wet paper towel is generally disposable products, can not be reused.

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