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What are The Categories of Sanitary Napkin Materials


What kinds of sanitary napkins are available? Sanitary napkins are generally composed of three parts: surface layer, absorption layer and bottom layer. Therefore, the materials of these three parts and their functions should be considered when using them. Here, take the different surface materials of sanitary napkins as an example to share with you. There are three different types: 

1. Sanitary napkin with dry mesh

This kind of sanitary napkin surface layer is made of various perforated films. The general raw material is polyethylene material, and the surface layer material is polyethylene non-woven fabric. Generally, this kind of sanitary napkin surface layer has mesh design, in order to fully absorb, ensure dry and fresh.

2. Cotton soft sanitary napkin

The surface layer of cotton soft sanitary napkin is made of various nonwovens, mainly polypropylene, polyethylene, non-woven fabric and so on. 

3. Cotton sanitary napkins

Pure cotton sanitary napkin is a kind of sanitary napkin made of pure cotton material. Its main component is pure cotton non-woven fabric.

The different material of sanitary napkin determines its water absorption and function. Everyone can choose different types of sanitary napkin according to their own habits and needs.If you want to know more about mother and baby products, please come to us at any time to learn more about them. We will provide you with the most suitable products for you.Know yourself and choose what suits you is the best!We look forward to and welcome you!

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