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What to Pay Attention To When Wearing Adult Diapers


It seems simple to wear diapers, but if you don't wear them properly, it will easily lead to leakage of urine. In terms of wearing, users should pay special attention to the following points:

1. Prevent leakage. It is necessary to raise the diapers on the back, and then pull the diapers in the legs up to the navel. In this way, if the diapers are not worn properly, the urine leakage will not pollute the navel.

Will the belly diaper edge slightly inward or outward fold, to prevent grinding navel. Then stick the Velcro on both sides. This prevents urine from leaking out from the back. The tightness of the waist is also based on the ability to put a finger in it.

2. Prevent side leakage. Straighten out the leak proof side of the pleated part on both sides of the diaper and make the side stand up to prevent side leakage. Another is to wear diapers properly, both sides must be aligned, in order to avoid diapers will not wear crooked, reduce the possibility of side leakage.

The leak proof side is also known as the side leak protection. It is the fold on the inner side of the thigh to prevent excreta from leaking out along the gap between the thigh and diapers. The double leak proof design with high elastic leg girth and V-shaped narrow gear design are added: it conforms to the ergonomic design, comfortable to wear and improves the anti leakage effect.

3. It's not the right size. If the way to wear diapers is correct, but still leak urine. Then it may be that you choose the wrong size. The choice of diapers does not depend on age, but on weight. Users should choose according to their own weight. Too large model is easy to leak urine, too small model will retain more urine than the bearing capacity of urine pants and produce back osmosis, and tight pants will damage the skin.

It is recommended to choose diapers with sizes for selection. The size of each type of diapers can be selected according to personal waist circumference and hip circumference. In addition, in order to make the product more fit, you can adjust the position of the magic fastener on the diaper and the waist patch to make the product more fit.

4. The diapers are saturated. The urine volume is relatively large, or the wearing time is relatively long, resulting in the saturation of urine pants. At this time, the absorbability will be relatively poor, and it is easy to leak urine. In this case, it is recommended to replace the diapers in time to shorten the wearing time. Special attention should be paid not to stay in dirty diapers for too long, otherwise it is likely to cause itching and inflammation.

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