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Introduction to Medical Protecting Article of Clothing


What is medical protecting article of clothing

Medical protecting article of clothing is that the work garments of medical employees, which may isolate microorganism, harmful ultrafine dirt, acid answer and salt answer, and keep the surroundings clean. PP (polypropylene, accounting for sixty two of the total) non-woven material is employed, and also the protecting article of clothing is roofed with a special air permeable membrane, that has robust air porousness and anti -static; the higher anti porousness, whereas resisting a spread of organic solvents and acid-base corrosion, contains a higher impact resistance. robust mechanical properties, soft and cozy texture. Non combustion supporting, non-toxic and non annoyance, harmless to skin.

1. appearance
The protecting article of clothing shall be dry, clean and freed from mildew, and also the surface shall be freed from spot, scar, crack and alternative defects.
Stitches and stitches shall be seamed with stitches and gluing or hemming. The sewing distance shall be 8-14 stitches each 3cm. The stitches shall be even and straight while not jumping.
If the protecting article of clothing contains a pull lock, the pull lock shall be automatic and shall not be exposed.

2. structure
The protecting article of clothing consists of hooded prime and trousers, which may be divided into a one-piece structure and a split structure.
The structure of the protecting article of clothing shall be cheap, straightforward to wear and begin, and also the joint half shall be tight.
Elastic closure is adopted for cuff and articulatio plana, and elastic closure is adopted for hat face and waist, pull rope or buckle.

The size of protecting article of clothing is split into a hundred and sixty, 165, 170, 175, one hundred eighty and 185


It is applicable to the protection of operators in areas with high electromagnetic wave, like broadcasting and launching system, satellite ground station, region system, electronic and electrical system, electronic medical instrumentality system, small electronic operation, national defense and military trade system, building, college electrical schoolroom, family and other people UN agency typically take subway. It may be wide utilized in drugs, industry, environmental protection, transportation, food, health and epidemic interference and alternative fields.

Protecting Clothing

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